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Replacing Defeating Thoughts with Positive Thoughts

What do you do every time you want to accomplish a certain goal or dream, but your thoughts get in your way?

For example, you want to become a Master in your Work or you want to make sure you can run that Extra Mile. Then your thoughts come into play. They will tell you, ‘You cannot do that, ‘You are not good enough’ or ‘Something bad will happen’.

Often people listen to these thoughts, and doubt sets in. You may notice that your core energy will decrease.

With the help of a life coach, you can become more and more aware of these thoughts, and CHOOSE what to do with it. By becoming aware of these non-relevant thoughts, you can choose if you want them to affect you. You can choose to not pay attention to them and therefore not to put any energy in it. Because, the more energy you put into something, the bigger it becomes. I will get back to this later on in this article.

Another option is, to evaluate your thoughts: What in this thought is true, and what is not true. What proof do I have for this thought?

This way you can consciously choose if this thought will affect you or not.

When you evaluate your thoughts, you will notice how often these Gremlin thoughts will come up. There may be times they will come up more often then other times. Eating certain foods such as sugar, a lack of sleep, stress full situations, criticism by others etc. may increase these Gremlin thoughts. During those moments you may notice how difficult it can be to actually notice the thoughts, and to change your habitual response to it.

Every change in habits costs energy.

A life coach can motivate you to continue with this change and help you maintain. So this change within you leads to a new habit.

By becoming aware of these misleading, actual false beliefs, life can become easier. Anxiety, stress, worries and all kinds of negative life forces can decrease. Thoughts about your work, your life, self image, friends and other areas may become more real and positive.

The more you can focus on the positive, helping thoughts, the more your thoughts becomes positive. Look at it like this: you are thinking about the fact that you tripped when you left the house, and all of a sudden it happens again that day, and again. Or, you are thinking and talking about the fact that your relationship is not going well, and during that week you see conflicts increasing. Or, you think that your body looks out of shape, and you feel less and less good about your body. At the end of the day, your self esteem has significantly decreased.

It all sounds so logical: You are putting energy in a negative area so that is your major focus. The energy shifts. What happens if you do it the other way around? More positive outcomes. Also, your brain will remember more what you put most energy in, so if that was something positive, that is what the brain direct his focus to.

To end this article on a positive note and a positive motivating thought: Keep being conscious about self-defeating thoughts, because they are just there for homeostasis.

Do not hesitate to ask a life coach. You can make a change.

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