Social Skills Training

Teaching social skills in a group setting is an excellent way of being in a rich environment, with lots of opportunities to teach the skills. Namely, children or adults will be selected carefully (diagnosis, symptoms, age, gender, needs) and placed in a small group, with our ABA clinical team.

There are a variety of contraindications, which vary. Please contact us to get more information regarding this.
The Social Skills Groups are provided 1:2 or 1:3, specialists are on-site, and detailed programs are used weekly.

Social Skills Groups occur for a 12-week duration and parent participation is required

We Teach

  • Initiate social interactions Greeting others
  • Joint attention: looking at another persons to see what he/she is doing, asking others to join in and look
  • Parallel play
  • Turn taking
  • Sharing
  • Transitioning from preferred to non-preferred activities
  • Co-operative play: working together
  • Find solutions
  • Reciprocal conversations
  • Social manners, such as table manners



“ABA specialist has caused a dramatic change within my son. She is motivated, likes to see results and is very dedicated to her work.”
-Parent of Learner
“Our ABA specialist was able to communicate with great strength and stability. I love her direct and effective approach, which get right to the core of the problem and immediately starts to work.”
“ABA Works has been patient and diligent in helping our son learn and acquire new skills at the pace he is capable of.”
-Parent of Learner