Clinic Based ABA Therapy

ABA Works offers behavior therapy in our clinic in Lomita, CA. We still have openings. Spots are limited, so act quick!

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Our clinic, located at 25124 Narbonne Avenue, Lomita, 90717, CA, is a prime location:

  • Located conveniently near the I-110 and CA-1 N
  • Quiet location and area, clean and maintained building
  • Only 5 min. from Rolling Hills Estates and Torrance, and just 9 min. from Palos Verdes Estates, & Redondo Beach
  • Surrounded by elementary school and preschools
  • Located on the first floor (no stairs, so easy wheelchair access)
  • Plenty of free parking, so easy drop-off
  • 5 minutes walking distance from the Lomita Railroad Museum & Irene Lewis Park. Less than 1 mile away from Teuchert Park, Lomita Park, Hathaway Park, & Metro Park
  • If parents need to do some shopping, Costco and Whole Foods Market are around the corner.

In a nutshell: What parents can expect at our ABA clinic:

  • ABA Works accepts learners from 6 months-15 years
  • Learners must be toilet trained or wear pull-ups
  • The in-clinic ABA services can be for a partial day or a full day. During the day, the learners will receive 1-1 ABA treatment and will have opportunities to engage with other learners for generalization and learning purposes.
  • Social skills groups will be held at the clinic
  • Early Learning services will be provided in a group setting. This is for learners who have developmental delays; may need extra academic support and may not have a diagnosis. Siblings are welcome.
  • Parent training will be provided at the parents’ home or during telehealth, and, possibly, at the clinic.



“ABA specialist has caused a dramatic change within my son. She is motivated, likes to see results and is very dedicated to her work.”
-Parent of Learner
“Our ABA specialist was able to communicate with great strength and stability. I love her direct and effective approach, which get right to the core of the problem and immediately starts to work.”
“ABA Works has been patient and diligent in helping our son learn and acquire new skills at the pace he is capable of.”
-Parent of Learner

Here is a list of advantages of clinic-based care:

1: Easier transition to (pre) school.

Many parents would love to have their children transition to a mainstream learning environment. Think about a preschool, daycare, or school. In-clinic ABA services provide a highly structured environment for learners to learn different skills. Our clinic provides a structure and environment, that is similar to a school environment. Receiving ABA services in this environment, following group rules, and learning social skills, can all contribute to transition into another structured environment like a school.

2: More opportunities to teach & learn social skills.

With the in-clinic ABA services as a controlled environment, Behavior Technicians can contrive opportunities to work on the learner’s socialization skills. These social skills can include social, communication, interactive play, turn-taking, identifying, and understanding social cues, coping skills, and more.

With high access to clinicians present in an in-clinic environment, the learner will have a larger array of adults to socialize with.

As the learner improves in their social skills, it can be beneficial to generalize these skills with age-appropriate peers. Our in-clinic ABA services provide more peers for the learner to socialize with. For example, through the organization and coordination of the activities from both clinicians, they can then have both of their learners be working on similar turn-taking goals.

Other opportunities can be contrived in the clinic to generalize other social skills, and it can also be beneficial to generalize these social skills under natural opportunities and in approved community outings.

3: Increased quality of care through supervision

When multiple Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s) are on-site, it makes it easy for them to observe and supervise various learners and Behavior Technicians.

4: Easy transition to other Behavior Technicians

In-clinic ABA services minimize challenges when clinicians transition. In ABA and schools, the transition rate of teachers and Behavior Technicians can be high, due to the high demand for services. When services are based in the clinic, it is easy to work together and collaborate amongst Behavior Technicians, so when someone transitions, another Behavior Technician can easily take over.

5: Learning & using skills across different people and environments

The in-clinic ABA services create an environment for generalization. In the ABA field, generalization is the learner’s ability to apply and perform a skill taught under different conditions across different environments, people, and materials. With in-clinic ABA services, it can assist the learner to generalize specific skills. With high access to Behavior Technicians and other peers present in a clinic-based environment, the skill taught can be generalized across different people. In addition to more access to people, a clinic also has more access to different toys, tools, and materials where the learner can generalize the taught skill across different items.

With in-clinic ABA services, you can also increase the settings. If the ABA Works’ clinic provides approval, the learner and the clinical team can go on community outings where the learner can generalize the skill across even more settings than just the clinic. The community outings can be in many settings such as going to a nearby park, going to a store, going to a mall, or walking around a busy area. With generalizing the learner’s skills across different conditions, it can also be highly beneficial for the learner to continuously retain those taught skills through natural opportunities outside clinical services.

6: Supports families to balance busy schedules

Caregivers can bring their children to the clinic, and they can rest, or work from their laptops. They can also decide to run errands. This will help the family members to be able to balance their family schedules, while their child is still receiving the ABA services they need.

7: Focused learning and enhancement of progress

In our in-clinic environment, there is usually less distraction. For example, the TV is not on, siblings are not running around, the father is not on the phone, and toys are not always easily accessible. In the controlled environment, everything is focused on teaching the learner their skills and helping them reduce their problem behavior. Through this structured teaching environment, the learner can focus more.

8: Increase effects of ABA treatment through easy access to toys and reinforcement

In our ABA clinic, there are plenty of toys and teaching materials available. This makes it easier to implement the learner’s goals and to use the best reinforcement that is readily available.

9: Consistency of the implementation of the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

Since multiple clinicians work on-site, it is much easier to implement the BIP across the team of clinicians consistently, which can lead to a quicker reduction of the learner’s problem behaviors.
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