ABA Services
In Home

We offer in home services for both children and adults.

ABA Services - Child

ABA Works provides Early Intensive Behavior Intervention (EIBI) to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental delays and special needs.

The goals are:

  • Decrease challenging behaviors such as tantrums, aggressive behaviors, and self-stimulatory behaviors
  • Teach and assist children in attaining the highest level of independence (e.g., brushing teeth, washing hands, eating, toileting, sleeping, packing a schoolbag, dressing)
  • Acquiring age-appropriate adaptive skills in the home, in school, and in community settings (e.g., social skills, play skills, safety skills)
  • Teaching to make independent choices and to communicate functionally (e.g., communicate wants and needs clearly, make different choices)
Formal instruction sessions may be held, but the employment of naturalistic teaching and the capitalization on incidental learning opportunities are preferred for day-to-day learning and to increase the likelihood of generalization. This means that we use the natural environment like the learner’s day to day routine, to teach the skills. The ABA sessions will often take place in the home setting, and parents will be included as well. For example, if the clinical team, teaches tying shoes, the team/parent will first teach tying shoes and as a reward, the learner can go outside right after. This is a natural situation. The skills will be mainly taught in an incidental manner, as this has been shown to be more effective and better assimilated by individuals with barriers to learning.

ABA Services - Adult

Our clinical team, who is professionally trained in preventing and de-escalating aggressive behaviors, but also who have experience working with adults. Adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability, and ADHD, can contact us for services.

The challenges generally start in childhood itself, but often it is not recognized.

In the ABA intervention for adults, we focus on challenging behaviors, such as aggression, but also teach the adults life skills, such as teaching them to get employment and be successful, teaching them self-help skills, hygiene, and grooming skills, to complete household tasks, and community skills.



“ABA specialist has caused a dramatic change within my son. She is motivated, likes to see results and is very dedicated to her work.”
-Parent of Learner
“Our ABA specialist was able to communicate with great strength and stability. I love her direct and effective approach, which get right to the core of the problem and immediately starts to work.”
“ABA Works has been patient and diligent in helping our son learn and acquire new skills at the pace he is capable of.”
-Parent of Learner