We start with Assessment- baby blocksa behavioral assessment from ABA WORKS unless the Referral source or ABA WORKS decide otherwise. The purpose of the assessment is to identify behavior excesses and behavior deficits and what skills the client needs to learn. A Behavior Analyst will conduct the assessment. The authorized assessment hours will be used to carry out a number of activities. The Assessor will conduct one or more face to face home visits, does – if necessary- observations in the community or at the daycare, preschool or school, possibly have interviews with relevant agencies, review all relevant reports and literature (educational, medical, and psychological), and write the assessment report.

The assessment involves:

Initial Contact Assessor contacts the family to set up the assessment appointments
Review of Records Records will be reviewed: IEP, IPP, Psychological Evaluation, Speech/OT/PT Evaluation, previous Functional Behavior Assessments.
Client/Parent Interview Parents and the assessor will review and sign the consent forms. The interview is conducted, including reasons for referral and client’s background
Client Observation and Data Collection Functional behavioral or skills-based assessment: Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequence observations; preference assessment; MAS; FAST; VB-MAPP; ABLLS; Vineland.
Program Development & Report Writing This includes a Behavior Intervention Plan to target the primary behavior deficits or excesses

The assessment report will include also the following:

  • Medical history
  • Childhood illnesses, including the ages any illnesses occurred
  • Family history of medical and behavioral health issues
  • Current medical conditions
  • Presence or absence of allergies (medications, foods, etc)
  • Risk assessment for maladaptive behavioral issues such as biting, head-banging, tantrums, kicking and scratching
  • Identification of community-based resources currently or previously used by the family/clients
  • Summary of each family members participate in the client’s life, including the extent of their support for treatment
  • Identification of sources of support and barriers impacting the client/family, such as:
  • Vocational; Spiritual; Cultural; Educational; Legal
  • Possible referral(s) to additional services, which will be discussed with the Service Coordinator

Once the assessment report is completed, it will be submitted to the funding source.

The whole process from initial contact to submitting the report to the referral source may take up to 6 weeks.