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Life Coaching: I want my dream job

How often does this sentence run through your mind? Figure, most people spend most time of the day on working eight hours or more per day, five days or more per week. How amazing would it be if you were able to do something you truly enjoy. Something you feel so passionate about, that time is going by fast, your body feels relaxed and afterwards you feel refreshed?

After i got my Masters, I knew I did not want to work 40 hours per week in an office, working for an employer, while the main thing I would long for was coming home. Or, living from one weekend to the other. So, I went on a fantastic journey with some wonderful life coaches, and found out that I wanted to have my own practice where I can create my own hours, in where I can be a big help for others, and help others in their journey towards finding the work they love.

Life coaching stepped into my life.

In this article I want to share some tips that I use in my life coaching practice Your Clear Path to help people find their dream job.

Think about what your values are. As a life coach, I ask several questions and use several exercises to find out what your values are. One exercise is to make a top five list of your values. Some questions you may ask yourself are: What do you find important in your life? What was an unforgettable moment in your life?During what activity time goes by without thinking about it? Then, have a close look if your values are being honored in your current work. Are they?

Further, as a life coach, I ask you what your life purpose is and to write it down. Maybe you can answer it right away, or otherwise, I will coach you and use several visualization exercises to find the answer to this. I will also ask you the question where you want to be in three and in five years.

Then, make a list of action steps you can take towards your dream job. You can do research, talk with others to gain information, write lists etc.

During these travels towards your dream job, you may bump into internal conflicts. As a life coach, I advise you to take your intuition under the loop. For example, do you really belief in your dream? Do you trust yourself? What does your intuition tell you, and how can you actually recognize your intuition? For example, I feel my intuition in my belly. And I see images running through my mind. When I am following my intuition, my mind is quiet and does not question anything. I am just taking action. I recommend you to meditate, and find out where you feel your intuition, and how you can increase this feeling so it can serve you better. Your intuition will tell you what’s good for you, what steps to take towards your passion in life.

The search for your dream job may be delayed by the so called ‘Gremlin’. Do you recognize the voice in your own head who tells you that you cannot do it? Others are better, and that you are not worth it? A voice that tells you that you absolutely will get fired, because your boss looked a certain way at you etc. It is your mind playing tricks with you. As a life coach, I will advise you to train yourself in ‘just noticing’. Just notice this voice, but do not struggle with it. Talk with it and do not put too much energy in it. The less energy you put into it, the smaller it will get.

Further, as a life coach, I will help you to decipher what is actually true in those triggering thoughts. Keep thinking, ‘If this was true, what then? ‘, ‘And what then?’ You continue doing this, until you end up with a small result.

You can also just look at the facts. ‘Which part of this thought is a fact, and the absolute truth?” You will see that often not much is left of the previous statement.

I advise you to do assignments each week. For example, think about: ‘What is it to feel more complete?’ Assignments may include doing research, asking around, writing a schedule down etc. Take steps towards your goal.

As a life coach, I will encourage you to make lists of action steps and cross them off, have friends and family members keep you accountable, celebrate successes, meditate and start your day with a daily mantra, and last but not least, to hire a life coach ( if change does not come quick enough.

Be well on your journey to your dream job. It is much closer then you think.

For more information on Life Coaching services, visit Your Clear Path.

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