Apr 27


ABA In Home Services Child -white child with DI working table

Description: NET capitalizes on establishing operations to build spontaneity. NET will be used to teach skills and target goals in natural settings and the client’s current motivation will be used to teach skills. The use of highly preferred materials (e.g., toys or materials that the client highly desires) and a focus on the client’s current interests are key factors in NET. Gradually, the schedule of reinforcement is thinned.

Implementation: The Direct Interventionist will make sure to arrange preferred activities that the client is motivated to initiate. For example, If a client likes to color, various markers will be placed out of reach so the client can be motivated for example to verbally request or to use sign language for other color markers. When the client requests, the Direct Interventionist will positively reinforce the request.


Description: The distinguishing feature of FBI is the rate at which the client can demonstrate the skill. The client demonstrates the skill at maximum pace, with differential reinforcement and guidance from the Direct Interventionist

Implementation: The skill demonstration first occurs for brief periods of time (e.g., 10 seconds) and is gradually increased as performance increases. The client takes part in tracking his/her progress. A variety of instructional adjustments are made to increase the rate and/or reduce latency, such as guided timings where physical assistance is given, changes in timing lengths, or changes in the skill being addressed. The Direct Interventionist provides reinforcement.

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