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Be in Balance

When so many events are happening in your daily life, you may experience a lot of turmoil. Feelings of anxiety, anger or frustration and sadness may be present and impose on you. You may be caught up with practicalities, that you don’t think about the NOW. Your thoughts are heading towards the next thing, the next day or perhaps yesterday and further in the past. The fact that you are breathing shallow, that you are striking with your hand repetitively over your arm, are not being noticed by you.

How can you go back into your balanced state? The now?

Start off your day with a daily mantra, for example: ‘Today I want to be conscious of my breathing’ or ‘I want to accept’, or ‘I want to be in balance’. While you are repeating your mantra, you focus on your breathing. The breathing is heavy, in the belly, and your belly in when you breath in, and out when you breath out.

Whenever you are ready, you step out of the bed. When you step out, do it while you breath in. It would be great if you can follow up with a nice meditation or with some yoga exercises. If you are not, then keep this in mind for the rest of the day:

  • Use a certain symbol (e.g. a ring, a mark on your hand etc.) to remind you to focus on your mantra that keeps you in balance
  • Keep checking in with your body: your breathing, how your body feels, where you feel your feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety etc.. While you do this, continue to breath, don’t act on your emotions. Just sit, observe, accept
  • Use your senses: Use your nose to smell, your ears to hear what sounds are around you (e.g. and what feels or does not feel good), your mouth to taste, your intuition to feel the energy around you, your hands to touch
  • Grounding: when you notice your mind is wondering into the past or present, remind yourself again about where you are and focus on your breathing
  • Eat healthy, wholesome, organic foods, drink plenty of clean water, excercise, meditate, take enought rest, and go to bed before 10 PM.
  • Being in balance may  consist out of different components. I believe that you can be in balance, when your energy (e.g., sleep, eating healthy foods, exercise, meditation) is good, when you are aware of the present, when you are able to focus on how emotions affect your body and how they can leave your body once you accept this.
  • People can be thrown out of balance, by a lot of external events.
  • Remember, most things are not permanent. Most feelings and emotions are not permanent. We all exist out of matter, and our matter/energy influences each other. When we are able to be in balance, our positive energy reaches out to others and external events will be positively triggered.
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