Top 3 tips for a Successful Pairing

When you are meeting the learner, or it is the first-time meeting, it is important to first focus on pairing. That means that the learner will have access to preferred activities through you (and not free access). When you have successfully paired yourself, the learner will become motivated to follow your lead and think of […]

Holidays: 2+ Great ways to prepare

Preparing for the Holidays Christmas and New Year’s Day are just around the corner. During this time of year, we are preparing for the holidays by getting gifts ready and planning family gatherings. For many individuals diagnosed with ASD, this can be a tricky time of year because there will be many different stimuli and […]

How to Identify the 4 Functions of Behavior

Any behavior that an individual displays always has a purpose or function behind it. By identifying the function of the behavior, it will assist to develop proactive and reactive strategies based on the problem behavior and teach the individual better and appropriate ways to communicate their needs based on that function. First, we will need […]