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Group Parent Training

ABA Works is proud to announce to offer Parent training & Parent Support group and parent training groups for social skills (specifically for parents that have children going to the Social Skills Groups)

Parent training is an essential part of ABA.

It is through parent training that caregivers can learn strategies that can improve the overall quality of life for their entire family. In a previous ABA Works blog post, I discussed the importance of parent training. In the post, I commented that parents being trained in ABA techniques it helps empower them, facilitates learners’ progress, develops self-assurance, and proficiency that improves outcomes for the learner.

In the ABA Works’ Company, parent training is provided one-to-one between the ABA professional and caregiver. During the one-to-one training, the caregiver learns about the BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) and the essential ABA strategies (through ABA Works’ own developed manual). With the ABA Works’ Parent training & Support Group the format will be slightly different.

With group parent training, it helps to create a support system and gives caregivers the opportunity to connect with others facing similar challenges. For example, I was working with a caregiver who struggled finding the right services for her child’s health. By talking with other caregivers, she was able gain tips on how she can assist her child and find the perfect location that accommodated her child’s health needs.

With ABA Works’ group parent training, caregivers get the opportunity to connect, communicate, share experiences, and get tips. Another fun effect is that parents can set up play dates with their children. In ABA Works’ Social Skills Groups, various parents now have their children play during scheduled playdates.

Navigating ABA is a learning process and with group parent training parents don’t have to take that journey alone.

Here is some information about ABA Works’ Parent Training & Support Group.


Monthly trainings for 3 months, and each training will last 90 minutes. Parents can continue to sign up for a new series.

General Rules:

  • The training will contain theory, practice, interaction, discussions, and homework.
  • 90% attendance is required
  • 100% participation is required
  • COVID-19 compliant

This training will go over multiple themes, such as:

  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Potty training
  • Play & social skills
  • Reward systems (tokens)
  • Working with schedules and timers
  • Independence
  • How do deal with your child’s diagnosis
  • How to go out to the community
  • And much more

The themes will be adapted and supplemented based on the needs of the caregivers.

If you are interested in signing up for our group parent training, please contact our ABA Works’ office.

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