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Top 5 ways to prep for the RBT Exam

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Top 5 ways to prep for the RBT Exam

In a previous blog post, we have mentioned the benefits of becoming a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). If you are ready to become an RBT, then the next step is to take the RBT exam. Exams can be stressful, and in this blog post, I am listing 5 ways to prep for the RBT exam.  

  1. Review the Examination Section of the Registered Behavior Technician Handbook 

The RBT handbook explains the eligibility and how to apply for the RBT exam. The Examination section provides an outline of what will be expected in the exam. The RBT Task List provides the primary tasks of what an RBT will perform and what may be the focus of the RBT exam.  This list will also be beneficial in preparation for the Initial Competency Assessment, which is a requirement for your RBT exam application. For the RBT Task List, review the tasks and keep these in mind as you complete the RBT 40-hour training.  

  1. Set a Study Routine 

When you take the RBT 40-hour training, set time for yourself by having a study routine. During your study routine, be sure to review the modules a little bit at a time in order to process the information presented. Do not cram for the exam as it will cause you more stress.  Plan and decide how many modules you should review during a certain day in your study routine. While doing the RBT 40-hour training, see if the information presented matches the RBT Task List. The following site makes sure to have the content be aligned with the RBT Task List: www.abacourses.com. This RBT training contains many PowerPoint Slides including the audio, many quizzes that help review the concepts. On top of that, many real-life videos will help you understand the theory. The RBT training listed on www.abacourses.com is very unique to have so many videos available of ABA sessions taking place in the clients’ homes. Our ABA Works company provides a resource for the RBT 40-hour training, and if you are interested in more information, please click here.  

  1. Take excellent notes 

While studying through the RBT 40-hour training, you do not need to write everything down word for word. For each module presented, keep in mind of: 

  1. The topic of the module  
  1. The key definitions 
  1. The key points of those definitions and concepts 
  1. The examples 
  1. How the information is related to the RBT Task List. 
  1. Practice the ABA procedures 

If you want to work on the application of certain ABA procedures, you can ask your BCBA if they could provide mock scenarios and examples of the topics you are requesting to work on. ABA Courses also provides access to BCBA consultations. You can simply sign up and have easy access to a BCBA who will help you. If a topic does confuse you, do not be afraid to ask your Supervisor and BCBA questions. 

  1. Practice with online quizzes  

ABA Courses gives access to many quizzes throughout all the modules. You can also use extra quizzes to help you prepare for the final exam. I have also used an online quiz to help me prepare for the RBT exam. While the website will not have similar questions as the RBT exam, it did assist me in working on the application of the module topics and concepts. You can also look up other online quizzes that can assist you in working on the concepts.  

Remember to take your time to study and to practice the concepts. Happy studying and wishing you the best for your RBT exam

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