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Impact of Early Intervention Services

Tips by ABA Works

In the often confusing and contradictory world of Autism (ASD), one of the few things researchers, professionals and parents agree on is the importance of Early Intervention services in children with ASD. The National Research Council published a report with overwhelming research supporting earlier is better, both with diagnosis and in intervention.
If you are a parent who is recognizing some of the early signs of developmental delays in your child, it is beneficial to begin intervention as soon as possible. You can start ABA services even if your child is 1 or 2 years old.  Even before your child receives an official diagnosis, services focusing on social development and communication can make a meaningful impact on lessening communication delays.

These early interventions can help strengthen skills related to:

  • Behavior
  • Social
  • Communication
  • Cognition
  • Play

Almost all professionals agree that early intervention services should include teaching fundamental skills including following simple directions, imitation, appropriate communication of wants and needs, and basic self-care skills. Additional skills will be taught based on your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses. Priorities of the family will always be considered when making treatment decisions.

The goal of every intervention service is to help the child achieve a better quality of life. Although a parent’s life goals for their child may seem far in reach, focusing on skills early can help these goals become more attainable in the future.

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