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Benefits of a Behavior Skills Training (BST) in School or Home

Tips by ABA Works

Scenario: Sometimes problem behaviors, such as aggression, non-compliance, or property destruction, cause difficulty in reaching your child’s personal goals.
While your child has expressed positive goals and desires for his own life. He wants to have friends to play with on the weekends, earn good grades at school, or generally have a good day.

Does this scenario sound like your child? Behavior Skills Training may be a beneficial resource for your child to learn how to manage these emotions and behaviors in an effective way.

Behavior Skills Training teaches strategies, based in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), that are designed to reduce problem behaviors and increase adaptive, socially appropriate behaviors. These outcomes are achieved through teaching new skills and changing environments that might trigger problem behavior. The strategies are focused in prevention of a behavior problem, rather than consequently reacting to a behavior.
This training or individual guidance can be done at the (international) school, or in the home/community.

– It is person-centered. Skills are developed and taught based on individual needs rather than applying a “one size fits all” approach.
– It causes positive changes. Through environmental changes and reinforcement of adaptive behaviors, individuals can reduce problem behaviors.
– It minimizes the need for punishment. By teaching appropriate replacement skills, like coping mechanisms, and setting up a child for success, there will be a reduction in problem behaviors. ABA practices do not focus on restrictiveness such as restraint, seclusion or removal of privileges.
– It is outcome-focused. The Behavior Technician will track child’s progress and measure intervention’s effectiveness at an individual and societal level. By reducing aggressive incidents, homes and schools will become safer.
– It allows for collaboration. The Behavior Technician will work together with the professional team to most effectively provide support strategies for the child. Parents are also provided with tips on how to implement these strategies at home to positively impact their child’s behavior skills.

Interested in applying this approach with your child? ABA Works offers ABA based classes and 1-1 guidance, at (international) schools, home and in the community. For more information please email:

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