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7 Best Qualities You Should Have as a Behavior Technician

7 Best Qualities You Should Have as a Behavior Technician

If you are interested in entering the field of ABA, the role of a Behavior Technician is a great starting point. As a Behavior Technician, you will play a pivotal role in the field of ABA because the primary responsibility is the implementation of a client’s behavior and treatment plan. The role typically includes a mixture of structure and flexibility and, therefore, some character qualities are important to have or acquire if you are interested in becoming a Behavior Technician. I have listed 7 qualities that I have acquired and found beneficial in my ABA experience: 

  1. Flexibility 

There will always be unexpected situations that may occur during session. Thus, it is important to be flexible and adjust to those changes in order to best serve the client’s needs.  

  1. Creativity  

As you start teaching a new skill, think about creative, yet functional ways that skill can be taught. This can require a large amount of effort; however, it can be fun to teach and watch the client learn in creative ways, which makes it worth the effort.  

  1. Energy 

For any Behavior Technician, you will always work toward your clients viewing you as the fun person. Not surprisingly, this will require a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I continue to be exhausted by the end of my client’s session; however, it is rewarding when my client sees me the next day and still wants to work with me. I will always remember how a big the smile of one of my client’s grew when they pointed to me and said to their parent, “Look it’s teacher!” 

  1. Compassion and Empathy  

When working in the field of ABABehavior Technicians need to remain neutral and objective in the face of challenging behaviors. However, this can come across as lacking in interpersonal skills. It is important to maintain balance professionally while also showing compassion and empathy with the families we work with. After all, we are all working toward the same goals! 

  1. Patience  

Being patient may be considered the utmost important quality to have when working in the field of ABA. We all have both good and hard days. It is important to be patient not only with the client, but with the family and yourself.  Unexpected situations will arise and mistakes will inevitably be made since we are all human. As mentioned in a past blog post, “Remember that we all have good days as well as bad days and it is important to remain patient and remember that progress will come in time.” 

  1. Calmness 

With any job position, an important quality one can have is to remain calm under stressful situations. This definitely applies in the field of ABA. No day is every the same and there will be many instances during sessions where a Behavior Technician must be able to remain calm and objective under difficult circumstances.  

  1. Dedication  

In the field of ABABehavior Technicians should be eager to learn and willing to dedicate their time and effort to improve their client’s progress. Along with that dedication, remember to appreciate all accomplishments and progress made, no matter how big or small and by everyone involved. This is a team effort.  

This is not to say that, if you think you do not currently possess these qualities you should not become a Behavior Technician. Instead, you should be willing to listen, learn, and acquire these qualities if you want to be an effective Behavior Technician and “give” as much as you will “get” from this role.  

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