We are happy to know you are happy

  • “Our Behavior Therapist was able to communicate with great strength and stability. I love her direct and effective approach, which get right to the core of the problem and immediately starts to work.”

    - S. Lavi, Teacher

  • “Our Behavior Therapist’s work has improved the quality of our son’s life and has made our relationship with him more functional, fulfilling and fun.”

    - R. Osburn, Acupuncturist

  • “Our Behavior Therapist has caused a dramatic change within my son. She is motivated, likes to see results, and is very dedicated to her work.”

    - Ms. Anteneh, Mother

  • “She [Lilyan W.J. Campbell] is an active problem solver, flexible, creative, emphatic and she has humor.”

    - Mrs. M.P.M., Child Psychologist

  • “The enthusiasm of her, works well with the people she works with. Her way of working is adequate, flexible, and thorough.”

    - Mrs. M.M.V.K., Child Psychologist

  • “I believe she is a very talented life coach who is able to combine a strong intuitive sense for natural well being with a sharp and active mind.”

    - Manu van Poppel, Spiritual Artist and Counselor

  • “Our Behavior Technician gave me many ideas and alternatives to interact with my child. She is a very kind person.”

    - E. Gurrola, Vice President of A.F.E.