The Best 3 Sensory-Friendly Thanksgiving Activities

Top 3 Sensory-Friendly Thanksgiving Activities It is Fall and Thanksgiving is coming up yet again! There are many sensory-friendly activities that children with autism can do throughout the year, however, in this blog post, we will be sharing the top 3 sensory-friendly activities that are easy and wonderful for your children to enjoy during this […]

Number 1 Best Ways to introduce the Beach to a child with Autism

Number 1 Best Ways to introduce the Beach to a child with Autism. In a previous ABA Works post, we discussed about developing a plan that can assist parents to have smoother trips with their children. Some of these tips, such as first learning community safety skills and preparing their child for the outing, can […]

5 Great Tips For Parents: How To Balance Your Time

In a time where the future is uncertain, many people have had unfamiliar roles thrust upon them, especially parents.  So how can parents balance their time, making sure they remain a loving, nurturing parent while also becoming the educator? Nature and nurture are not mutually exclusive and we must find our own balance to make sure […]

Why your child behaves differently at home and at school

Occasionally during parent-teacher conferences, it is revealed that the child’s behavior varies depending on where they are. Perhaps at home the child is compliant, completes his homework, and engages in appropriate play skills with his sibling. While at school, the same child is struggling to turn in assignments or build meaningful friendships. Perhaps it is […]

Transitioning Back to School: Increasing Social Skills

TIPS By: ABA Works This week, local schools are welcoming back students while some students are starting a new school for the first time. Expat families have additional adjustments related to starting a new school, in a new country, with new cultural considerations. For children who have difficulties with social skills, this transition can be […]

Tips For Tantrums

During times your child has a tantrum, many parents may wonder how they should cope with it. There are so many different theories and approaches about this. In my years of experience working with families and teenagers, I found 10 approaches the most helpful on how to deal with children’s tantrums. They have mostly derived […]

Spreading Awareness, Reducing Stigma

If you are a family member or caregiver of someone with behavior challenges (tantrums, hyperactive, not listening) or special needs, you may have experienced the emotional effects of the stigma placed on the behaviors or the disorder. Maybe your child screamed, flapped their hands, make noises or have an escalated tantrum, and you have received […]

Preparing for the Summer: Going on Day Outings

The start of summer is a significant transition for all children, typically developing or those with developmental or behavioral disorders. For many children, summer means enjoying free time, playing outside with friends and venturing to new places. For some children, all this free choice and drastic change in daily schedules can be overwhelming and even […]

Parenting Tips for Decreasing Problem Behaviors at Home

TIPS by ABA Works Many parents struggle with compliance with their children at home, even more so if their child has Autism, ADHD, behavior challenges, or related disorders. Does your child verbally refuse every time you ask a demand? Does he/she have trouble with transitions? Does a simple direction sometimes result in a meltdown? Although increasing […]

Match Effective Teaching Strategies to Your Child’s Learning Style

TIPS By: ABA Works Last week, we addressed how children learn differently and often have an affinity towards one type of learning style. To find out which learning style you or your child has, read more about the characteristics here. Once you’ve determined which style describes how your child best understands new information, you can use […]