Example of Services


  • Our team will set up a schedule with one or more Behavior Technicians, depending on the authorized hours
  • The family will be informed about the schedule and the first ABA session will be scheduled.

First session

  • The clinical team will meet with the family at their home. They will review all the clinical goals carefully. The parent goals will be explained as well as how to record data outside of the sessions and the family can ask questions
  • The clinical team will use Behavior Skills Training to train in individual client programs. This is a very helpful technique in where the clinical team will explain the strategy, model what needs to be done, and following the family has the opportunity to rehearse.
  • Parent training will be explained. Parent training is required, depending on the contract (Early Intensive Behavior Services or Positive Behavioral Parent Consultation)
  • The programs, virtually accessible, will be shown to the parent
  • The family will be asked to implement various strategies as well, with the help of the clinical team. The team will also implement programs with the family and will focus on building rapport with the client

Example of services -Home-boy copying

Consecutive sessions

  • The Behavior Technician (BT) will arrive at the families’/client’s home and will prepare the datasheets, the schedule for the day and possibly the token economy
  • The parents/client will be asked about their day or week, and they will be asked to show the data they collected outside of the sessions
  • The Behavior Technician will start the intervention session with a preference/ reinforcer assessment
  • The programs will be implemented (self-help skills; play skills; social skills; communication skills; Behavior Intervention Plan)
  • The Program Supervisor will join the session, depending on the number of supervision hours that are authorized. He or she will provide feedback to the Behavior Technician, model certain strategies, and provide parent training if needed. Also, he/she will analyze the data that are being collected, and possibly modify programs and/or objectives
  • At the end of the session, the Behavior Technician will graph the data and remind the parents to practice the ABA strategies outside of the sessions, and continue to collect data outside of the session