Employee Reviews

“ABA Works provided me with valuable job experience, supervised BBS hours, as well as several career advancement opportunities (Direct Interventionist, Supervisor, and Trainer). During my time with the company, I developed valuable skills in ABA principles that afforded me the opportunity to see tremendous growth and skill acquisition in the incredible families that I served.”
Rocio Z., MS, MFTi

“Lilyan was awesome at teaching me how to work with both the kids and the parents. I didn’t realize then how relevant the work I was doing was going to be for me in the field even now. I grew so much in my time with ABA Works and I am so thankful I took on the challenge of trying something new. I felt supported all the way through and apply things I learned years ago to this very day! Not a day goes by where I don’t miss the kids and families I learned and grew with! Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to work for a company as awesome as ABA Works!”
Rachel H., MS

“ABA Works offered me excellent training and many opportunities to grow. The Clinical Director, Lilyan Campbell, is like my mentor. She is patient and knowledgeable. She offers employees so many opportunities and freedom to grow. She is open-minded and supportive to her employees. She has taught me a lot of skills and suggested me to continue my education as a MFT. If you are looking for opportunities to grow your professional skills in your career, this agency is definitely a great place to consider. You will be receiving great training plus earning your internship hours for your license.”
Joely Z., Senior Direct Interventionist

“Lilyan is a sharp supervisor who gained insight into my strengths and my pitfalls during my first supervision. She gives me crucial feedback on my learning process, attitude and way of thinking. I can learn a lot from her in a short time, both in terms of content and my personal development. For example, she first listens to me carefully and asks questions that make me think. My way of thinking often changes during the answering of the questions. Lilyan can activate and inspire me to look at reality and make choices with more positive and objective glasses.”
Nilufar F., BCBA i.o and Child/Youth Psychologist

“Lilyan is an incredible person to work for and with. While working at their company, ABA Works, she was more than a just my boss, she was a mentor to me and still is. She’s professional, confident, and supportive. I am continuously inspired by the the work she is doing and the generosity that comes straight from her heart. I would recommend going through Lilyan for any behavioral services, counseling, coaching, etc.”
Arianna S., Behavior Therapist

“I had an opportunity to work for ABA Works for approximately ten months. Since I started, the company has grown tremendously. I observed more and more highly skilled and passionate individuals joining ABA Works along the way. Although I have had experience working with individuals with special needs, it was my first job as a Direct Interventionist. I was drawn by company’s holistic approach: we developed trusting and warm relationship with families, focused on families as a whole, taking into consideration families’ goals and needs and empowered each available member of a household with various ABA techniques and strategies. As we all know consistency is a key.

I was very impressed by company’s interest to educate its employees. Both, direct interventionists and supervisors go through intense training to ensure we are successful and efficient in our sessions. As a new DI, I always had lots of questions. My supervisors were available during overlap sessions (and beyond) to answer those, explain everything thoroughly, model how to run programs I was not sure about and provide help I needed.

One of my favorite parts of working for ABA Works was that about every few months we had seminars. During those seminars we discussed various topics, usually focusing on two-three the most urgent and significant ones. Prior the seminars, Direct Interventionists were surveyed about areas of difficulties in the sessions or subjects we would like to expand our knowledge on. Our director and supervisors would make sure to address those topics through presentations. We would also have discussions with fellow Interventionists in groups as well as role play to exercise and strengthen our skills. These seminars were a great opportunity to meet colleagues, get and provide feedback regarding each other’s performance, inspire and motivate each other.

The job required an extensive amount of dedication and creativity. At times, it could get demanding but of course was always very rewarding. The director Lilyan and supervisors were there for us to identify our challenges and reinforce our strengths in order to help us to be better therapists. Furthermore, there is a great chance to grow in the company, which was very important for me. It is an amazing career opportunity for those who are self-motivated, always eager to learn and would like to make a difference.”
Svetlana A., Behavior Therapist

“ABA Works is a great company for new and experienced behavior therapist. The experience I gained from the opportunity to work there was invaluable. As a behavior therapist new to the field. The company went above and beyond to teach me all the tools needed to be a successful behavior therapist. This is especially true for Lilyan Campbell.  Being new to the field Lilyan didn’t hesitate to help me. She took time out of her own schedule to ensure I retained everything I learned. Anytime I asked a question about a situation with a client, an ABA technique or anything I wasn’t confident in doing. Lilyan always made time to talk me through it, teach me a better way and even followed up with me after.  Personally, under Lilyan’s leadership I was motivated to be a confident employee.”

Ryan M., Behavior Therapist

“ABA Works is extremely supportive of their staff. Quick response time from administrative team. Several opportunities for growth professionally and within the company. Extremely professional and ethical. Training relevant to in field experiences.”

Anonymous, Program Supervisor 

“Management is accessible and helpful during the session and outside of the session, too. Supervisors are helpful in explaining the programs regardless of your experience. It’s a great place to grow in the field of ABA.”

Anonymous, Behavior Technician