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New situations can be stressful to many people. For expat families, the difficult transition of moving to a new country is amplified if they have children or even more so, a child with special needs. The use of social stories is an approachable and effective way of helping children understand how to react to a new situation.

People with communication disabilities sometimes need more explicit instructions or descriptions, therefore a visual or simplified representation of the situation can act a useful guide. Knowing what to expect can help children with challenging behaviors to act appropriately in new surroundings.

Creating a Social Story

  • Pick one clear topic that your child needs assistance understanding
  • Have the child be the main character in the story
  • Can be displayed as a small visual book, or simplified text on one page
  • Use positive words and display a positive approach to the new situation
  • Involve other people in the story
  • Display the child’s character handling the situation with the correct emotion and behavior

Visual Social Story for Moving

  • Picture of the old house with family members
  • Picture of exploring new city location, thinking about moving
  • Picture of the new house
  • Picture of packing up the old house; explain that all the boxes will safely arrive at new house
  • Picture of a moving truck or airplane
  • Picture of the family at new house
  • Picture of child in his new room
  • Picture of boxes at new house, unorganized; explain that unpacking and organizing takes time

Text Social Story for Moving

  • Create descriptive sentences with factual information
  • Use perspective sentences to convey thoughts and emotions
  • Use directive sentences to explain the appropriate response
  • Follow a directive sentence with an affirmative sentence to strengthen the idea
  • Use cooperative sentences to involve other characters

Example Social Story:

I am moving to a new house with my family.

My new house is in a different country.
The new house will not look the same as the house that I live in now.
The new house will have bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and bathrooms.

The new house will be different.

The new country will be different.
I will be ok.
My new room will be messy with moving boxes.
It is going to be ok.

My mom and dad will be able to help me unpack.
I can ask my mom and dad if I need help with my new room.
I can look around my new street with my mom and dad.
I loved my old house but I will try and love my new house too.
That will make my family happy.
That will make me happy too.

Moving to a New House








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