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Lilyan Campbell,

Clinical Director/CEO

Lilyan, the founder of ABA Works, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Lilyan has 20+ years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families in both Europe and the United States.  She is a committed mother of two beautiful sons. Her dedication and passion shine through as she motivates clients and her whole team to accomplish goals, to be determined, and to be committed to growth.

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LeAnn Decker-Shah,

Regional Director

LeAnn Decker-Shah received her bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. She then completed her master’s degree in Childhood Education (with certification in Special Education) through Mercy College in New York City, NY. While teaching in a residential facility for developmental disabilities in New York State she began learning about the science of ABA and using it in her teaching practice. She immediately began coursework through the Florida Institute of Technology remotely while remaining a teacher full-time and working part-time as a behavior technician in homes. LeAnn is now in her third year as a student in the distance doctoral program for Applied Behavior Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. LeAnn has worked in various roles across New York, Florida, and Oregon including as a special education teacher in public and private schools, a behavior technician, a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), a Board-Certified Assistance Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), a Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA; OR, WA, and VA) and a BCBA. She has also worked in various settings including home-based services, clinic-based services, classrooms (as the teacher and analyst), consulting with schools, and in the community.

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Selam A. Sebhatu,

Clinical Manager

Selam Sebhatu received her Master’s degree in Counseling with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis at California State University, Los Angeles. She has worked in the field of Behavior Analysis since 2015 and with children with specials needs since 2013. Selam’s experience includes working as a Behavior Technician for agencies in Northern California and Southern California, as a Program Supervisor. As an Assistant Clinical Manager, Selam has been able to collaborate with the Clinical Director and Administrative team in making various decisions. She also has close contact with the Program Supervisors, Behavior Technicians, and clients/families. Selam has a passion for working with this population and impacting the lives of those clients and families that she is exposed to.

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Amber Moore,

Program Supervisor

Amber Moore began working in the field of ABA in 2014 while earning her bachelor in social work, which she completed in 2015 at San Diego State University. She immediately fell in love with the field and empowering her clients and families with the tools they needed to achieve their goals. She decided to pursue her masters in ABA at National University which she completed in 2019.  Amber is currently working towards becoming a BCBA and wants to train others that are interested in working in the field of ABA.

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Mary Hanna,

Program Supervisor

 Mary Hanna has 11 years of experience working locally and internationally for diverse groups of individuals with Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and speech impairments. Years of experience have taught her the value of patience and encouragement working with special needs individuals. Her role is to design individualized programs, focusing on each person’s strengths and challenges. It is her passion to help an individual learn the tools necessary to obtain a better quality of life and to lead a more independent life.

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Brian Pena,

Associate Program Supervisor

 Brian Pena began working in the field of ABA as a behavior technician in 2015. Since then, he has accumulated experience while working with diverse minority populations and is passionate about helping clients and families develop ABA skills. Brian is working on his Masters in Educational Technology degree at California State University, Fullerton, and is currently enrolled in ABA coursework at Brandman University. Brian is an aspiring BCBA and wants to develop his skills further to continue helping families and others interested in the field.

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Tiffany Taylor

General Manager

Tiffany Taylor is the General Manager at ABA Works. Tiffany has been a dedicated member of the ABA Works team since 2015. She comes from a healthcare background with certifications as both a CNA and Medical Assistant and 8+ years of clerical/administrative experience in both California and Nevada. Tiffany graduated from the College of Southern Nevada and is currently pursuing a degree in Healthcare Management from Western Governors University to further her knowledge and apply it to growing and managing the day to day operations at ABA Works.

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Amanda Barrera

Scheduling Coordinator/
HR Assistant

Amanda Barrera has 4+ years of experience working as a Scheduling Coordinator and joined our team at the beginning of 2019. With expertise in administrative work, she felt her skills would be more personally fulfilling when applied to a company that was making a difference in peoples’ lives. After learning about ABA Therapy from family members who had their children starting services, she found ABA Works and found it to be a perfect fit! She loves to see the positive changes we as a team make for our clients every day!

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