Social Skills Camps

Teaching social skills during a camp is an excellent way of being in a rich environment, with lots of opportunities to teach the skills. Namely, the children or adults will be selected carefully (diagnosis, symptoms, age, gender, needs) and placed in a small group. ABA WORKS is able to provide a variety of locations currently in Europe, and is developing locations in the USA.

There are a variety of contra indications, which vary. Please contact us to get more information regarding this.

The Social Skills Camps are provided 1-1 or 1-2, specialists are on site, and a detailed program is used throughout the day. The camps can be held during the day or overnight.

Social Skills camps -group kids

We teach:

  • Initiate social interactions
  • Greeting others
  • Joint attention: looking at another persons to see what he/she is doing, asking others to join in and look
  • Parallel play
  • Turn taking
  • Sharing
  • Transitioning from preferred to non-preferred activities
  • Co-operative play: working together
  • Emotions: how to show them and read them
  • Find solutions
  • Reciprocal conversations
  • Social manners, such as table manners