ABA in Home Services Adult

ABA in Home services Adult-adult working About 7 years ago, we conducted research about providing ABA services to adults. We came to the conclusion, that much of the research was done in the seventies, but that hardly any research was done in this century. Even more so what was difficult, was finding out how many adults diagnosed, who could highly benefit from ABA, are not receiving ABA services. Most of the agencies do not provide these services.

ABA WORKS want to make sure that these people are also being helped. We have staff, who are professionally trained in preventing and de-escalating aggressive behaviors, but also who have experience working with adults. Adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability and ADHD, can contact us for services.

The problem generally starts in the childhood itself, but some adults do not recognize it earlier. Sometimes, they recognize it when their child becomes diagnosed. Those are common situations as well.

In the intervention for adults, we focus on challenging behaviors, such as aggression, non-compliance and such, but also to teach the adults life skills, such as teaching them to get employment and be successful, teaching them self-help skills, hygiene and grooming skills, to complete house hold tasks, and community skills.